Vending for tea bags

Production and sale of the world's first vending machine for dispensing natural tea bags. Create a ready-made profitable business using vending equipment in your city - be the first!

How does tea vending work?


Drink selection

The tea machine offers six flavors of natural tea, the client makes a choice and indicates the amount of sugar

Payment by card

After choosing tea, the client pays for the purchase with a bank card


The client receives a glass of hot water and a bag of aromatic tea

Tea vending is a profitable business


Tea vending is a profitable business

"Amore & Aroma" – manufacturer of vending equipment for selling tea bags
We have created not just a unique vending machine in which a client can buy a glass of natural bagged tea - we have created a choice for the client. Now tea will become a more accessible drink for everyone.

You can buy tea vending from us with already proven and popular flavors of natural tea: black, green, fruit and herbal sets.

Tea selling business

Tea selling business
Tea is the most popular drink in the world
Minimum monthly profit from one tea vending – $900
Against the backdrop of growing interest in a healthy lifestyle and natural products, tea occupies one of the leading positions
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Tea vending


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About the product
The world's first tea vending shop selling bagged tea in a cup
Flavoring solutions
Black tea, green tea, fruit tea, berry tea, herbal tea, ginger-lemon tea
Shipping and payment
We work with all types of payment and transport companies. We deliver vending equipment all over the world
Promotions and discounts
Discounts when purchasing more than 5 devices


We are ready to cooperate and open production in your country
The world's first vending machine for selling natural bagged tea in vending